Breathe in...

...breathe out


....and expel

After weeks of struggling with debilitating bronchitis, Sue helped open up my inflammed, sticky airways and breathe deeply. I feel very grateful to be the recipient of Sue’s intuitive and compassionate enthusiasm during her one-on-one breathwork training. During our initial two-hour session, Sue developed a personalized deep breathing routine that leaves me energized in the morning and relaxed at night.

—Donna Sedlar

My breath session with Sue made me realize that I had forgotten how to breathe properly! My anxiety lowers every time I use the breath she taught me and I am more conscious of my breath on a daily basis. I would recommend Sue for any of her services, she really cares and is experienced at what she does.

—Sherry Mossey, 44 yrs

Sue, thank you for the amazing class last night! It was soooo good to breathe deeply… Eric kept saying “ohhh… I’m soooo relaaaxed….” all the way home :). We hope to make it again next week!

—Charito Gailling

Wow, Sue, for the past 2-3 weeks I have been getting up at least 2-3 times per night. And I mean really up – getting onto the computer, wandering thru my house, etc. I went to bed last night at 10 pm and slept soundly till I woke up at 7am today. What a true benefit. I’ve woken up in a better mood as well. I guess that happens when one is well rested. Thanks!

—M.G., Human Resource Professional

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